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catching up

16 Jun

why do I feel as if I’m forever catching up on my blogging?  I vowed a few weeks ago that I would begin blogging every other day and yet here I am writing yet another catch up post.

Craft2.0 in Christchurch was fabulous.  I so love my old home town and the fact that it was held in one of my very favourite Christchurch landmarks made it extra special.

The show was busy all day.  I thought that I’d made way too much product for the show, but was pleasantly surprised to almost sell out.  Now I have to get my skates on and work hard for my upcoming shows and to get some stuff on my Felt shop.

I had a nice couple days holiday before and after the show which was good because I came back to a very full on week at work.  That and the grim days of winter have seen my crafting mojo disappear a little.  Lets hope it’s back for the weekend.



2 Mar

Piece by piece the furniture is slowly being moved back into the house.  Still no bathroom though!  On Friday I got my bookcase back and I started to unpack my books.  I say started because it’s a slow process!  You see, one can’t simply put the book on the shelf…each book carries a memory or two and some of them need to be put on a TBR pile and others need to be read right then, that very instant.  That I unpacked 5 boxes is actually quite an achievement!  Consequently the bears aren’t quite finished.  Tonight I’ll be sewing on earsies and toesies, so weather permitting photographs tomorrow.

New bears…almost

28 Feb

If I push myself tonight, I should hopefully have 4 new bears for the website tomorrow.  I have a very fuzzy post migraine head today.  Just had a foul headache that lasted 48 hours, centred above my left eye so not conducive with bearmaking at all.  I think it’s the after effects of the painkillers that leave me fuzzy headed  and queasy for another 48 hours after the headache has gone and my vision is a little shot.  All in all, not a happy camper!

It doesn’t help that I’ve been without a bathroom for a week.  Hopefully the new shower will be installed tomorrow.  Fingers crossed!  They think it will take another week after that to finish the rest of the bathroom and painting.  I have a horrible feeling that the landlord will raise the rent as soon as it’s all finished.  All the more reason to find a new job and home.