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Free Rice

9 Mar

I have always been a words person.  I guess it goes hand in hand with a love of reading doesn’t it?  When we would go away to the bach on holiday, I’d obsessively read through all the old Readers Digests trying to “boost my word power”.  When I was learning French at school (five years of it!) I always had the biggest vocabulary of the class, it’s just a shame that I could never get a handle on the grammar so I was never very good at it!

I came across the Free Rice site today…and it really appeals to the geeky Readers Digest reading kid in me.  For every word in their vocabulary test you get right, they will donate 20 grains of rice to the UN World Food programme.  20 grains doesn’t sound like much but you can rack up a few thousand grains of rice in just a couple of minutes a day.  Today I learnt that cordiform means heart-shaped.  Go have fun!