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Wibble ~ a Honeythorpe elf

13 Oct

Although I’m fond of almost all the bears I make, there’s some that “speak” to me more than others and Wibble is one of those guys.  I was thrilled with the way he turned out and was surprised when he didn’t find a home either at the Auckland show or the online show.  Actually, at the Auckland show, he was picked up more times than any other bear I had on display so other people must like him too

For some reason he didn’t photograph particularly well.  Granted, I was hurriedly taking photographs in the middle of the most stormy winter weather you could imagine, so conditions were not ideal.  I think it’s more that the subtleness of the frosted sassy long pile is hard to capture.  It tends to look much harsher in photographs.  The trimming around his muzzle also doesn’t show well – I spent ages doing that!

I haven’t yet put Wibble on the website – I kind of made a deal with myself that the bears I had for the online show would only be available there, and not for sale through my site (not really sure why!!)….and I’m so very tempted to keep Wibble for myself.  So for the moment he’s staying with me.  I actually have his sibling “Dibble” half made so perhaps when they are both finished they will make their way onto the site.  Heaven knows it needs updating!