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A-line dresses finished

26 Mar

A few weeks ago, I showed a preview of an A-line dress with inverted pleat.  That dress needed a few pattern tweaks and sat on my sewing table unfinished for longer than it should have.  Adjustments are all done and a couple of these dresses are now available in my etsy store

The dress is mini length  and works well over tights or even over trousers.  The inverted pleat gives it a nice shape and I deliberately lined it in the bodice only, so it would retain the triangular shape at the bottom.

Prices start on these dresses at just $12 depending on the amount of trim I add.  I think they look best in retro style fabrics.  I’m especially fond of this teal and green number.


Cate, my French Trench Blythe has become my go-to girl for photographing these dresses – there’s something about her bed-head hair and slightly sassy attitude that makes her look the best in them.  She does tend to look incredibly smug though!


This one is sold – I think it’s one of my favourite dresses I’ve ever made. I wasted a bit of fabric fussy-cutting so that the little piggy was centred in the pleat, but it was totally worth it.  I think I am going to have to try and hunt down some more of this fabric.



Another that has sold – more Japanese fabrics – retro mushrooms which at that scale give the dress a nice retro 60s look.