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Revisiting the 80s

16 Dec

Now if I’d had this outfit back in highschool, I would have been ecstatic!  Lace and denim were the ultimate combo  – I remember one of my teacher’s having a denim skirt with broderie anglaise lace around the hem – I thought it was the coolest thing I’d ever seen.


Wish I could crochet

15 Dec

One of the cutest things I got in my swap package from Rizusan was this crochet dress.  When I was little, my Grandma crocheted three outfits for my barbie – one of them was an OTT hot pink and mauve number and it was my favourite Barbie outfit ever.  Sadly, I never learnt to crochet from my Grandma

and though I’ve tried a few times I just don’t get it… so I was super thrilled to see this crocheted dress (and hats and scarves) in my swap package.

There’s something about this picture that seems quite 60s to me – probably the shape of the dress and her hastily tied back hair.  I really like the ecru detailing at the neck and the hem.

It also looks super cute when it’s put on back to front over the top of Custard’s stock blouse – though I need to make a black petticoat to go underneath!

A new obsession

9 Oct

So….while I’ve been holidaying from bear making, I’ve found myself a new hobby.  See I thought during the break from bear making, I’d be able to make lots of paper things.  Over September, I intended to make about 200 Christmas cards for work colleagues, and to make a ton of notebooks and journals for gifts.

And then along came Blythe…and all plans went out the window.  Months ago, a friend and I had been looking at BJDs  and about 6 weeks ago we both started looking again.  I fully intended to purchase myself a bjd, but everytime I tried to make a decision, this sulky little doll kept poking her nose into things saying “pick me”.

At first I wasn’t sure if I even liked Blythe.  I didn’t find her creepy like lots of people apparantly do, I just wasn’t sure about the plasticky look of her.  But, one of the things I miss most about big bears is the ability to create cute outfits.  Making a dress for a 1.5 inch bear is not so much a pleasure as a chore.

So, I was going to get a Blythe – just one mind you – to dress.  I have since learnt there is no such thing as “just one” Blythe so my poor MWS (Milky Way Sugar), who was to be the one and only is now fighting for attention with a few more dollies. 

Blythe has an interesting history which you can read more about on the This is Blythe website.  In her first incarnation she’s the same age as me ; )  and I actually bought my MWS as a birthday present for myself so it’s kind of meant to be (I can justify anything!).  The original Kenners go for prices far beyond my budget, as do many of the dolls from the early neo blythe years.  There are different face molds and of course each girl has different hair/eye/makeup configurations.  These two photos are of my first doll. I chose my Milky Way Sugar, because she’s a Blythified version of my childhood doll.  Same dark shaggy hair, and rosy cheeks.  I also really loved her sideways glancing grey eyes and her pouty sulky attitude.  I’m looking forward to seeing the two of them together when I reclaim my childhood doll from home.

I am loving the sewing  – I haven’t machine sewn in years and years although once upon a time, I was quite the sewer, sewing all manner of clothes for myself.  A couple of years ago my Mum gave me the cutest little Elna Stella and I’m finally putting it through its paces.  The two dresses here are adapted from patterns on the puchi collective site.  Don’t you love the skull and crossbones Hello Kitty fabric?  I bought it from Japan and it is so cute.  I’m looking forward to designing some more exciting clothing soon.  I’m working on a faux suede jacket at the moment – but the sleeves need to be set in by hand so it’s taking me a while! I also need to learn a whole new set of photography skills – it’s hard to not let the plastic shine take over the photograph. 

So now there are bits and pieces of fabric and lace and dolly shoes strewn from one end of my work table to the other.  It’s been nice to have a total break from bears, though I did actually start a new bear yesterday – so watch this space for some bears one day soon.  And as for the cards?  I’m selling most of my papercrafting stuff to fund my dream blythe who is far too expensive for me to justify any other way!