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Wish I could crochet

15 Dec

One of the cutest things I got in my swap package from Rizusan was this crochet dress.  When I was little, my Grandma crocheted three outfits for my barbie – one of them was an OTT hot pink and mauve number and it was my favourite Barbie outfit ever.  Sadly, I never learnt to crochet from my Grandma

and though I’ve tried a few times I just don’t get it… so I was super thrilled to see this crocheted dress (and hats and scarves) in my swap package.

There’s something about this picture that seems quite 60s to me – probably the shape of the dress and her hastily tied back hair.  I really like the ecru detailing at the neck and the hem.

It also looks super cute when it’s put on back to front over the top of Custard’s stock blouse – though I need to make a black petticoat to go underneath!