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Christchurch Craft2.0

28 May

Just over one week to go until the Christchurch event.  I am almost ready…just a few final products to get into shape!  This will be my first trip down to the Christchurch Craft2.0 and I’m so looking forward to it.  I’m looking forward to shopping with some sellers new to me.  You can find out more about each seller over at the Craft2.0 blog



Robot invasion

27 May

So I’ve been making lots of pushpins to get ready for Craft2.0 in Christchurch.  I’m really liking  this new robot fabric in green.  I like that these so closely resemble 1950s tin robots.  I might have to invest in a piece of the other colorway available (yellow I think).  I will have a few of these in rings and brooches too.

It’s double sided fabric and has pretty lilac polka dots on the back – not the colour I’d have picked to go with these geeky little robot men.

And there’s a few more sets of my orignal robot fabric – a slightly coarser linen weave in cheerful red and blue

Craft 2.0

12 Oct

Saturday saw another Craft2.0 event at the New Dowse Art Gallery.  Held every few months, I really enjoy these shows.  It’s great to see loads of Wellington (and beyond) crafters in one place and there is a cornucopia of goodies to buy.  I was very restrained on Saturday, only buying a few wee gifties and a cute perspex necklace. 

Had I an unlimited budget, i could have sepnt hundreds.  They are inspiring and I am determined to do some crafting (other than bears and doll’s dresses which don’t count!) before the year is out. 

I’m spending the next couple of days destashing my craft supplies.   Whenever I go to create anything, I feel rather overwhelmed because I have so much stuff and just don’t know where to start.  So out most of it goes.  I’m going to offload the new unopened stuff onto trademe and the rest will go to the op shop where hopefully some crafter finds it and makes good use of it.

I’m also going to get rid of most of my bear fabric (trying not to hyperventilate at the thought!).  Again, there is more than I’ll ever use and knowing my weakness for pretty new fabric, it will be added to again in the near future.  I’ll be carefully setting aside my vintage long pile though!

Once I’ve destashed, I’m going shopping for some new storage.  Although plastic bins keep every thing tidy, it also means stuff is stashed away where I never see it, and it becomes all to easy to buy new stuff.  I need my craft supplies at my fingertips if I am to use what I have.  So now I’m perusing websites looking at other people’s storage options.  This site has some great ideas.