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New girl

14 Dec

After sending two Blythes off to new homes this week, I was eagerly looking forward to the arrival of my new doll.  Cousin Olivia was the last Blythe I imagined I’d buy.  She was new out when I bought my MWS and I thought she was just awful looking.  I didn’t like her florid makeup – it looked to me as if she’d been hitting the sherry bottle a little hard.

A few weeks ago I was looking for a blonde girl –  I spent ages going through flickr looking at different blondies and CO kept grabbing my attention.  Something about her yellow hair and strong makeup actually makes her look very photogenic and I caved in and bought one.

She arrived on Friday and she is super cute.  Wow she is pale though – her body looks rather pasty!  She’s even paler than my MWS.  I actually really like her little blushed cheeks and slightly bigger lipline.  Her stock is kind of cute too.

I completely forgot to buy new camera batteries on Friday so had to make do with el cheapos from the local store – so only could snap a few pics before they ran out.  I can’t wait to take this one home and get some outdoor photographs.   While I was waiting for her to arrive I was trying to pick out a name for her – thinking something European to match her stock but I couldn’t pick one.  Even when I took her out of the box no name…so I nicknamed her Custard because of her long yellow hair and Custard she has become.  I don’t think I can name her anything else.

I have hardly any of my own sewing left – I plan to be doing quite a bit over the summer holidays though.  I’m going to get some expert sewing advice from my mum so hopefully will come home with a few new patterns.  In the meantime, Custard has been wearing a little pleated skirt I made -though I didn’t get the pleating process quite right.  The top and jean jacket are from a Mary Kate and Ashley doll set that I bought from trademe.  I gave the dolls to my boss’s daughter and kept the clothes.  The sewing is atrocious – but they’ve given me a few ideas for outfits to make.

Today I’ve been cutting out a few dresses to sew.  Eventually I’d like to open a little Etsy store with some clothing.  We’ll see how it goes!