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A-line dresses finished

26 Mar

A few weeks ago, I showed a preview of an A-line dress with inverted pleat.  That dress needed a few pattern tweaks and sat on my sewing table unfinished for longer than it should have.  Adjustments are all done and a couple of these dresses are now available in my etsy store

The dress is mini length  and works well over tights or even over trousers.  The inverted pleat gives it a nice shape and I deliberately lined it in the bodice only, so it would retain the triangular shape at the bottom.

Prices start on these dresses at just $12 depending on the amount of trim I add.  I think they look best in retro style fabrics.  I’m especially fond of this teal and green number.


Cate, my French Trench Blythe has become my go-to girl for photographing these dresses – there’s something about her bed-head hair and slightly sassy attitude that makes her look the best in them.  She does tend to look incredibly smug though!


This one is sold – I think it’s one of my favourite dresses I’ve ever made. I wasted a bit of fabric fussy-cutting so that the little piggy was centred in the pleat, but it was totally worth it.  I think I am going to have to try and hunt down some more of this fabric.



Another that has sold – more Japanese fabrics – retro mushrooms which at that scale give the dress a nice retro 60s look.



Etsy update

23 Feb

I’ve added a couple more dresses to the etsy shop. I was halfway through a listing when the store went down for maintenance.  That’s the joys of living at the end of the earth and being awake when the larger part of the world is sleeping!  Same things happen at work with our databases…that’s not fun at all.

I still have to finish the new design so these are some more of the empire and party dresses.

How cute is this eiffel tower dress!

Looking pretty in a dusky floral

and back to her surly self

Hopefully I’ll add the rest of the dresses in the next 24 hours.

Honeythorpe Dresses for Blythe on Etsy

8 Feb

…finally!!   Only a couple of months later than intended but hey we finally got there.

I’ve uploaded 6 little dresses into the Etsy store  and should have a few more to add over the following weeks.  Today was super sunny so photos aren’t great – it’s hard to avoid the glare of their foreheads!!

Revisiting the 80s

16 Dec

Now if I’d had this outfit back in highschool, I would have been ecstatic!  Lace and denim were the ultimate combo  – I remember one of my teacher’s having a denim skirt with broderie anglaise lace around the hem – I thought it was the coolest thing I’d ever seen.

Wish I could crochet

15 Dec

One of the cutest things I got in my swap package from Rizusan was this crochet dress.  When I was little, my Grandma crocheted three outfits for my barbie – one of them was an OTT hot pink and mauve number and it was my favourite Barbie outfit ever.  Sadly, I never learnt to crochet from my Grandma

and though I’ve tried a few times I just don’t get it… so I was super thrilled to see this crocheted dress (and hats and scarves) in my swap package.

There’s something about this picture that seems quite 60s to me – probably the shape of the dress and her hastily tied back hair.  I really like the ecru detailing at the neck and the hem.

It also looks super cute when it’s put on back to front over the top of Custard’s stock blouse – though I need to make a black petticoat to go underneath!

New girl

14 Dec

After sending two Blythes off to new homes this week, I was eagerly looking forward to the arrival of my new doll.  Cousin Olivia was the last Blythe I imagined I’d buy.  She was new out when I bought my MWS and I thought she was just awful looking.  I didn’t like her florid makeup – it looked to me as if she’d been hitting the sherry bottle a little hard.

A few weeks ago I was looking for a blonde girl –  I spent ages going through flickr looking at different blondies and CO kept grabbing my attention.  Something about her yellow hair and strong makeup actually makes her look very photogenic and I caved in and bought one.

She arrived on Friday and she is super cute.  Wow she is pale though – her body looks rather pasty!  She’s even paler than my MWS.  I actually really like her little blushed cheeks and slightly bigger lipline.  Her stock is kind of cute too.

I completely forgot to buy new camera batteries on Friday so had to make do with el cheapos from the local store – so only could snap a few pics before they ran out.  I can’t wait to take this one home and get some outdoor photographs.   While I was waiting for her to arrive I was trying to pick out a name for her – thinking something European to match her stock but I couldn’t pick one.  Even when I took her out of the box no name…so I nicknamed her Custard because of her long yellow hair and Custard she has become.  I don’t think I can name her anything else.

I have hardly any of my own sewing left – I plan to be doing quite a bit over the summer holidays though.  I’m going to get some expert sewing advice from my mum so hopefully will come home with a few new patterns.  In the meantime, Custard has been wearing a little pleated skirt I made -though I didn’t get the pleating process quite right.  The top and jean jacket are from a Mary Kate and Ashley doll set that I bought from trademe.  I gave the dolls to my boss’s daughter and kept the clothes.  The sewing is atrocious – but they’ve given me a few ideas for outfits to make.

Today I’ve been cutting out a few dresses to sew.  Eventually I’d like to open a little Etsy store with some clothing.  We’ll see how it goes!

Santa visited a little early this year

13 Dec

I took part in the TIB Secret Santa swap this year.  I had fun putting together a set of dresses for my swap partner in Canada, and I received this wonderful box of goodies from my swap partner Rizusan in Japan.

It had crocheted hats, scarves and dresses, rement shoes and handbags, a sugarmag outfit and cute little hairclips.  So much stuff!  Visitors were arriving soon after I got my parcel so I quickly took a few shots of the goodies and then hastily packed them away.  I’m looking forward to getting it out properly over the weekend and taking some photos.