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Sewing woes

10 Nov

So….I tried to sew a pair of trousers yesterday, to include in my secret santa package.  I used a pattern that I found online and It took me over an hour to sew the darn things, carefully pinking and topstitching the seams.  And when I’d finished, they looked totally cute…too bad that they fit like a sack of potatoes!!  I might put some elastic in the waist and keep them for one of my dolls – if there’s  a 70s style tunic top over the top, it’ll cover up the ill fitting parts and no one will know!  I’ll start again tonight with a pattern from one of my DCR books and hopefully they will fit better.  The DCR ones have a waisband and straighter legs and I’m not quite sure how they go together – but I’m sure I’ll muddle through.  I can’t believe how much basic sewing construction I’ve forgotten in the past 10 years.


On an upside, I finished this cute mushroom pattern dress.    I nearly ordered this fabric from a Japanese seller on etsy, imagine my delight when I stumbled upon it, and several other mushroom themed Japanese fabrics in Spotlight on Saturday – even better, it was on special for $8 a metre.  The overall scale of this particular piece is probably a bit large for the dress – but I kinda like it that way.  It reminds me of a hand-me-down dress that I had to wear in my childhood – it just needs a white bib stitched on the bodice and it would be eerily similar.

fabricI also bought a little piece of this Japanese owl fabric and a toning floral – it cost the earth – over $20 per metre, but it is so lovely.  Now I just need to knuckle down and design something to use it in.