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catching up

16 Jun

why do I feel as if I’m forever catching up on my blogging?  I vowed a few weeks ago that I would begin blogging every other day and yet here I am writing yet another catch up post.

Craft2.0 in Christchurch was fabulous.  I so love my old home town and the fact that it was held in one of my very favourite Christchurch landmarks made it extra special.

The show was busy all day.  I thought that I’d made way too much product for the show, but was pleasantly surprised to almost sell out.  Now I have to get my skates on and work hard for my upcoming shows and to get some stuff on my Felt shop.

I had a nice couple days holiday before and after the show which was good because I came back to a very full on week at work.  That and the grim days of winter have seen my crafting mojo disappear a little.  Lets hope it’s back for the weekend.


A belated Happy New Year to you!

8 Jan

Wishing you a rather belated but heartfelt Happy 2008!  I can’t believe we’re a week into the New Year already, though I have to say it’s amazing how quickly I’ve reverted back to the boring work routine after my break.  I had a mostly relaxing 10 days in the South Island where it was hot and sunny most of the time.  I even got a hint of a tan (that is I progressed from blue to white!) which is rare for me.

 The flood is still dominant at home.  I have new carpet…charcoal grey which will show every single sewing thread and hide every dropped needle ; ) Probably not the first choice I’d have made!  Alas the painters have not yet finished.  They’ve primed the walls and are leaving them to cure.  So I have minimal furniture back in the house and worse still minimal sewing supplies.

I’d anticipated spending last weekend unpacking and settling in but it was not to be.  Instead I played with my new bind-it-all machine and made a couple of books.  I’ll try and get some photos but that may be a little difficult as my laptop up and died on me. 

It leaves me totally without email, as we can’t access our email at work – however you can pm me through teddy talk.  I am aware that there are people waiting for emails about bears – I’ll try and get to a friend’s house on the weekend to respond to you.

I am not sure when I’ll get a new laptop – probably a couple of months away yet.  It was definitely not an expense I’d bargained on.  I’m so cheesed off as my old laptop was only a couple of years old.  Now I’m wishing it had been sitting on the carpet when I had the flood! 

ahem…I’m back

20 Sep

and terribly embarassed with it. I do not know what has happened to the last three months…suffice it to say they have simply flown by and there has not been a whole lot of bear making going on. I think the winter blues and a nasty dose of the flu got to me a bit not to mention the horror of turning 35 back in August!!

No new bears to show off as yet and my website is still woefully out of datem but I promise to be a good blogger and a good bearmaker too. The show season ended here in mid August and I have totally needed and enjoyed the break. I’ve had a couple of trips around the country for work teaching Web2.0 and RSS stuff which has been fun but exhausting.

My sister Kim visited for an brief 10 days from London at the end of August. It’s been two years since she was last home and it was fantastic to catch up. Kim is an art teacher and I am in awe of her drawing skills. Most of you know that she has done portraits of my bears and we have some exciting new collaborations lined up for next year.

I’ve also (tentatively) decided to go to the UK for a holiday mid next year. I’ve always wanted to go but a librarian’s salary doesn’t exactly pay big $$ and as the Kiwi dollar is so weak against the pound, it makes for a very expensive trip. I need to sell a lot of bears and greeting cards if it’s going to become a reality but I’m determined to get there. So…I think the winter blues are gone and as today was the perfect spring day how can it go anyway but up from here.

I’ve missed the bear world although I’ve been keeping an eye on everyone’s blogs and dropping in on Teddy Talk from time to time.

Anyway…off to sew some bears. Photos soon I promise

Motivation where art thou?

28 Mar

My motivation seems to have packed up and left town this week.  Work is crazy busy, I’m super tired and the effort of picking up that bear in progress that’s aaaaaalll the way on the other side of the couch seems too much…consequently that pile of unfinished bears in the photograph from Sunday, is still in pretty much the same state.

Not good, especially as we leave for the Aussie show 9 weeks today (aaaarrrgggh)  and the bid4bears artist campaign is just a couple of days away.   When I’m feeling like this, I like to switch off from the bear world all together.  Looking at the fab work that others are producing, which normally inspires me, serves only to remind me of just how much I have to do in so little time. 

So, for the last couple of days, I’ve been spending some time over on the Splitcoast Stampers website.  There are some incredibly talented people over there and I’m looking forward to trying out some new techniques….after Australia of course.

My other favourite thing to do is look through my collection of picture books.  I don’t know why it is, but they can bring me back into a ‘work’ mode of mind far quicker than browsing through a bear magazine.  So…lets hope that tonight I can get lots done and I should have some sneak previews of my bid4bears pieces to show you at the weekend.

Trouble in the wood

25 Mar

SO, who knew that Pooh’s rotund tum could be attributed to his OCD and ADHD? Back in 2000, this wee gem was published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal (CMAJ).    Tee hee.

Thanks to the Fuse #8 blog for the link.

So here goes…

25 Mar

Gulp! Despite all my thinking, pondering and playing with web2.0 technologies both here and at work over the last year or so, I’ve been constantly putting off taking the plunge and starting the Honeythorpe Blog. Funnily enough, I’d decided on Friday that this weekend I should seriously start doing something about it and lo and behold I woke up on Saturday morning to a whole discussion on the joys of blogging and rss on the Teddy Talk board. After my lengthy rambling post on the joys of web2.0, I of course got the inevitable “So where’s your blog question” (thanks Heather!) that has given me the much needed kick in the posterior to get started.

Oh, and in that same rambling post making a comment about “those” artists who never update their websites and so you stop visiting them. Ummmm….pot seriously calling the kettle black here! So, welcome to the Honeythorpe Blog. Quite what it shall be, I don’t yet know, but I hope to share some of my new creations and works in progress with you in the next few days so that you know I haven’t dropped off the face of the earth. Be prepared for some vague ramblings and rantings as the deadline for the Gold Coast International Teddy, Doll and Bear show looms ever closer.

To that end….here’s what it’s looking like at my house this weekend. A big pile of bear limbs and heads. Not a pretty sight. The lingering remains of an overnight migraine means no bearmaking for the moment….but I’m looking forward to finishing these guys over the week.

Bears yet to be!