how is it November already?

5 Nov

yikes, where has the year gone?  I have just had a lovely little holiday in Auckland with an old friend – feeling nice and relaxed only to get back and realise just how much there is to do between now and Christmas.

I’m taking part in a Secret Santa swap on the This is Blythe forum – what fun!  The person I’m sending to has some gorgeous dolls and I’ve had such fun dreaming up little gifties for them.  I really like the way they matched needs and wants – it makes it sooooo much easier for me to take part.

I’m still trying to decide whether to keep or sell my Dainty Biscuit who arrived a few weeks ago.  Her mullety stringy hair is just not doing it for me!  I deffo think its one of those occassions where I should have held out for the pricey girl that I really liked.  Oh well, live and learn!!  I must make her some clothes – I think she’ll look good in some casual tees and jeans – neither of which I have.

I’m looking forward to having a sewing weekend – As well as finishing my Secret Santa items, I hope to finish two bears who I’ve had planned and part sewn for a while now.  I must go and vote on Saturday, but I’m presuming the polling booth will be at the school just down the road so that shouldn’t take too long – though I still haven’t quite made up my mind yet!


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