New Blythe dresses

14 Oct

Here are a couple of the dresses that I have sewn lately.  It took me a while to get the pattern modified to my standards – though I do so wish I had an overlocker to finish off the raw edges.  Instead I am doing things the traditional way, using my grandmother’s trusty pinking shears.  They are beautiful quality but not particularly left-handed friendly – I have big welts in my thumb after using them! 

Though you can’t see it – the inside of each bodice is fully lined and hand hemmed to hide bulky seams.  I must take a photo to show off!  I love this poppy print.  I originally bought it to sew dresses for bears, but the scale is just a tad too big for little bears – it’s perfect for Blythe though and I only wish I’d bought more of it.  It looks so lovely on Posey my Rainy Day Parade Blythe – she has beautiful english rose skin – I wish mine was half as good!

Her belt is made from some gorgeous raspberry toned crushed velvet ribbon accented with a watch buckle.  The buckle is a tad on the big side but the colour worked so well with the dress.

I bought Posey from another collector – and I think I’m her third or fourth owner!  One of her previous owner’s sand-matted her face and gave her sleep eyes.  I wasn’t sure at first if I liked the matte finish, but it does enhance her delicateness.  I think she’s the sweet good girl to my sulky grumpy Milky Way Sugar.


I do like the structure of this empire style dress – though I haven’t quite yet got the  pattern tweaked to my liking.  This little dress is made from the pink version of the Hello Kitty crossbones fabric.  I think I prefer the red and black version – it’s a bit edgier, but this is still pretty cute.  For now, I am closing the dress with little domes (snaps).  I’d prefer to either do zippers or buttons, but the tiny doll zippers end up costing a fortune by the time I get them shipped here and I need a lesson from my Mum in buttonholes!  I should probably also put some rickrack over the bodice/skirt seam to make it look a little bit smarter.

Tonight I’m hoping to finish the faux suede jacket I’ve been working on…I got a little disheartened when it came to hand-sewing in the sleeves and I’m still not entirely sure of how to construct the rest of it – but one can only learn by trying (and unpicking and trying again!).


2 Responses to “New Blythe dresses”

  1. Jenni D'Amato November 19, 2008 at 1:09 am #

    I am loving the dresses you are making, I have just purchased my 1st Blythe doll and she should be arriving any day now.
    Where do you get your patterns from. Do you know where I can buy boots.
    Keep up the great work.

  2. honeythorpe November 19, 2008 at 6:37 am #

    Which one did you get??? These dresses are adapted from the vintage skipper patterns on the Puchi Collective site.
    The boots I bought from ebay – they are big on her feet but look cute!

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