Mollie Rose & Marco

11 Mar

Mollie Rose and Marco are now avaialable for adoption.  Yikes, I’ve tried for two days to get decent photos of this pair, but to no avail.   Mollie Rose is created from intercal mohair in a spiky crew pile.  I like this mohair a lot – just as well really, as I have a few different shades of it!  The pink is such a pretty shade.  Actually, probably the nicest pink mohair I’ve seen.  All too often, I find the pink mohairs to be quite ‘cold’ in coloring. It’s been nice to work in mohair again.  Much as I love sassy’s and vintage long pile, I do so like the varied textures of mohair. 

Both Mollie Rose and Barley were such a joy to put together.  Everything went so smoothly with both of them which is quite funny really as both had been sitting unfinished for quite some time.  I guess it’s a good lesson for me to learn, as I’m not so good at completing projects where I’m trying a new idea.  There’s quite a few ‘half-done’ bears in my work basket – I think I may have to complete a few more of them.  I have an order piece which I must do next. 

I have a special affection for wee Marco.  When I cut him out, I was iintending to create a dainty wee girly bear for Lisa’s Easter Softie Parade.  I intended to make a tiny bonnet in spring yellows and creams but bears have their own ideas of what they want to be.  As I stuffed and sculpted Marco, this sturdy wee man emerged.  I like the way he peeps out from behind his little fringe.  He wears a star shaped bead made of paua shell – though it shows up more green in the photos, the variagations of colour tone nicely with Marco’s fur.  I’m going to try to get better photos of him tonight – the ones I currently have are not doing him justice at all.  i think my laptop shows pictures lighter than they really are – I noticed just how bad they are when I got to work this morning.


One Response to “Mollie Rose & Marco”

  1. Amelia Nelson March 27, 2008 at 6:13 pm #

    You are picking out such cute names lately—especially love the welsh ones! Mine are still sadly being named after the color of their fur…talk about unoriginal!

    I love Marco’s fur…I am simply drooling over the sassy longpile! He turned out to be such a darling wee fellow!

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