On a roll!

7 Mar

Whew,  there was no relaxing on a Friday night for me last night.  I was up into the wee small hours finishing (almost!) a bear. I haven’t done that for a while!  Today I am out at my local teddy bear group and I hope to finish my bear  whilst I’m there, not that I usually get much done on these days – too busy chit chatting!

All going well I’ll be able to take photos when I get home tonight.  This bear is a tad different to anything I’ve done for a while and it’s been fun!   Much as I despair at the way I work – a gajillion bears on the go at once….I think it really is the way it works best for me.  If I try to force myself  to do things I’m not in the mood for, they either don’t get done, or get done badly.  This little guy’s been all sewn up for a couple of weeks now and while I was excited to see how he would turn out, I didn’t feel ready to finish him.  Probably because I’ve been headachey (four migraines now in the last 2 weeks) I haven’t felt like putting in intense concentration.    Anyway…enough explaining.  You should get to see him soon!


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