Everything old…

2 Feb

is new again! Late last year, I rediscovered a pile of my old bear patterns, dating from 2004 and earlier. I decided to challenge myself to recreate those patterns and to compare my bears from then to the bears I created now. The only forgetmenot1.jpgadjustment I was allowed to make was to resize my big patterns down. After all, I don’t think I can make a 10 inch bear these days! Then came the demise of the laptop, and most of these older bears I don’t have print copies of my photos. Soooo….I can’t make the comparison, but I’m still going to finish the bears.

The first of my challenge to be completed is Forget-me-Not. This little guy was recreated from the first pattern I drafted when I started back into miniature bears in 2004. He’s quite different to the style of bear I make now. I like how he turned out. It was funny going back to downturned paws. I really don’t use downturned paws any more, except on rabbits, but I had to stick to the rules!! I waxed Forget-me-Not’s nose and that is something I probably wouldn’t have done back in 2004.

This little guy is growing on me the more I look at him. I absolutely love the smokey blue Sassy fabric, I love how it respons to light with different depths and highlights. The paler colour is, I think, called silver and is a beautiful dove gray with just a hint of blue. Forget me not holds two velvet flowers. I hope they don’t overwhelm him, but I wanted him to have something to hold and one didn’t look right! He is currently available from the website along with a couple of other newbies.


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