Back on deck

20 Jan

yippee…a new laptop and some finished bears!  The house is still a disaster zone – I currently have no kitchen (my living room is piled with my groceries and crockery) but I am becoming a bit more immune to the paint fumes!   Today I sat and finished two bears who’ve been languishing in my workbox since before the flood.

Buttons and Truffles are a celebration of all things chocolatey and yummy.  Buttons is made from gorgeous sassy buttonsandtruffles.jpglong pile that is so similar to milk chocolate buttons.  It is absolutely my favourite sassy colour.  I think Stef calls it teddy brown, I’ll have to go check.  Buttons wears a simple cream organza bow for decoration.  He found a home as soon as I put him on the site and is lucky enough to be living with some other Honeythorpe bears in the UK.

His little pal is called Truffles and is made from dark chocolate vintage long pile.  I’ve had this fur for a while but have been a bit nervous of using it – it’s hard to make the features stand out on that dark colour…but I am so pleased with the way Truffles has turned out.  I wanted to create a roly poly little bear and so this guy has a foreshortened muzzle and a low slung potbellied tum.   Buttons is wearing a ruffled red organza bow and his little chocolate thread nose has been waxed.

Don’t you love the box they are sitting on?  It’s over 100 years old and was given to my great Grandfather when he was young.  A friend of the family brought him a present of chocolate from Switzerland and he kept the box and gave it to my Grandpa, who gave it to me.  It’s like a miniature wooden crate, complete with latch hook opening and reminds me of a treasure box (chocolate is tresaure after all!  I have always intended to make myself a chocolate bear or two to live in it – maybe a trio of milk, dark and white chocolate bears.

Their pal Pistachio will hopefully be joining them on the website tomorrow.  It’s Wellington Anniversary weekend here so no work tomorrow.


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