A belated Happy New Year to you!

8 Jan

Wishing you a rather belated but heartfelt Happy 2008!  I can’t believe we’re a week into the New Year already, though I have to say it’s amazing how quickly I’ve reverted back to the boring work routine after my break.  I had a mostly relaxing 10 days in the South Island where it was hot and sunny most of the time.  I even got a hint of a tan (that is I progressed from blue to white!) which is rare for me.

 The flood is still dominant at home.  I have new carpet…charcoal grey which will show every single sewing thread and hide every dropped needle ; ) Probably not the first choice I’d have made!  Alas the painters have not yet finished.  They’ve primed the walls and are leaving them to cure.  So I have minimal furniture back in the house and worse still minimal sewing supplies.

I’d anticipated spending last weekend unpacking and settling in but it was not to be.  Instead I played with my new bind-it-all machine and made a couple of books.  I’ll try and get some photos but that may be a little difficult as my laptop up and died on me. 

It leaves me totally without email, as we can’t access our email at work – however you can pm me through teddy talk.  I am aware that there are people waiting for emails about bears – I’ll try and get to a friend’s house on the weekend to respond to you.

I am not sure when I’ll get a new laptop – probably a couple of months away yet.  It was definitely not an expense I’d bargained on.  I’m so cheesed off as my old laptop was only a couple of years old.  Now I’m wishing it had been sitting on the carpet when I had the flood! 


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