LA or San Francisco?

8 Nov

I totally was not expecting to have to book my UK tickets until after Christmas – but there’s currently a sale on tickets, and so I’m being forced to make decisions much sooner than I’d like!

I have never travelled further than New Caledonia/Australia and never travelled overseas by myself, so the prospect of some 30+ hours of flying on my lonesome is a little daunting.  I’m not so worried about the UK bit – I have my big sister to look after me when I get there and the bear show will be fantastic. 

What’s keeping me awake at nights at the moment is trying to decide on the US part of my trip – I get a couple of stopovers and it seems pointless to fly all that way without making the most of it.  I thought I’d have my Christmas break to peruse travel books and websites but now that’s gone out the window.   I can fly back to NZ either via LA or San Francisco.  At the moment I’m leaning towards San Francisco.  It just seems like a lot easier place to navigate by myself and so pretty besides!!  There’s more than enough places to go and sites to see to fill up my days there and I think I can even find my way to some craft stores to stock up on all those essentials that we don’t have at home.

I’m trying to work out how much leave I can take from work.   I’m hoping I’ll have 5 weeks.  I’d really like to go somewhere else in the States – quite where I don’t know but I’m perusing sites and getting other peoples’ suggestions.   I don’t have long till I have to book my tickets and I am getting in quite the tizz and it’s hard to concentrate on bears and work.    I have to head in to the travel agent again next week to firm up dates and things – if I can get it all sorted in my head that is!


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