the gang’s all here

27 Oct

well almost….there are a couple of souls who haven’t quite got ears yet!  They’ll be joining this lot on the website in a couple of days time.  I am so glad to have finally updated my website.  And it’s still only 2pm on Saturday afternoon!  I thought to keep to my promise, I’d be squeaking in right on midnight.

In the photo below we have Nutmeg, Orville, Posy, Airelle and Albertine.  Poor old Albertine the clown is not looking very photogenic amongst her companions – what is it about that bear and photos!   She’s so cute in reality!  I think it’s partly the combination of the sculpting I gave her eyes and her fringe – it tends to obscure her eyes and make her a bit serious looking.


I hope one or two will find new homes – I’m so thrilled with all of them.  Each one is quite different to the other and for once I don’t even have an absolute favourite.  I do love the chubbiness of Nutmeg, the winsomeness of Posy, the colours of Albertine and well…you get the picture.  To find out more about each bear, please visit the avaialable bears page of my website.


One Response to “the gang’s all here”

  1. Amelia November 1, 2007 at 3:38 pm #

    Oh, I love them too! They are definitely all Honeythorpes, simply darling! My favorite is Airelle—so cute and BLUE! And your clown bear is just too cute for words. They have all found homes already, hurrah for your trip fund!!

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