A sneaky peek

24 Oct

The motivation continues! Last night I finished up 60 Christmas cards. I fully intended to photograph them to show off – I’m really pleased with some of them, but took them to work this morning and they are almost all sold. I have to make some more this weekend.

I’ve also sewn up 5 bears and finished the heads on four of them. I haven’t been this productive all year! I’ve set myself a deadline of Saturday to finish four of them and put them on my site. To make sure I stick to my plan, I put a new bears on the 27th announcement on my website so now I have to finish them.

Tonight I finished up this little bear. She’s actually my bear for the head challenge over on Teddy Talk. Oh, I know it’s


totally unfair to show you only part of it, but I don’t want to show a whole bear until I have all four finished. Again, it’s part of making scatterbrained me stick to the plan of having them done by Saturday. This challenge is particularly fun. Paula from All Bear sent us a pattern piece for a side head and we had to design the rest of the bear around it. Paula gave us permission to shrink or enlarge the piece but other than that, we had to use it as she had designed it. Naturally I shrunk that head big time – I’m not sure how big Paula’s origianl bear is – Posey is just over 2″ (6cm) tall!!

I initially was unsure how that side head would translate to miniature and whether the end result would look like a “Honeythorpe Bear” but she’s turned out to be rather cute! imho anyway ; ) To me, Posey still has the Honeythorpe look – proving how totally inadequate I’d be at ripping off anyone else’s look! I don’t have any of my bears of that size finished but one I have on the go is a reworking of my original mini pattern that has been lurking in my workbox since July when I lost the old bearmaking mojo. I’m now dying to finish him so I can compare the difference between the two. So back to the sewing – only two more evenings until Saturday. I might just have to cheat and make it US Saturday and not NZ – that’s 20 hours grace time!


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