Clowning around

15 Oct



Way back ages ago Paula from All Bear issued a clown bear challenge on Teddy Talk. This little one was finished in time for the challenge, but once again my camera wouldn’t co-operate and I was unable to get a good shot of her. Consequently, she’s been living with me until I decide whether to sell her or not. lua3_edited.jpg I took her to my teddy bear club on Saturday and managed to leave her behind – so she’s frolicking with the bears at Laraine’s house.One of the camera’s I’m considering is a Panasonic Lumix – I’ve heard they’re the best for macro shots. Laraine took these pictures on her old Lumix. It’s about four years old, and although the photos aren’t super crisp, the quality is so much better than I can get from mine…and of course four years makes a lot of difference. The new Lumix cameras even have a super macro feature – yippee! I think I’m pretty much convinced but I need to work out which model will best suit me.Back to the bear, she is created from sassy long pile and stands at a hair under 2 inches tall. I am totally in love with this fabric. I actually find it easier to work with than my vintage long pile. The colours are so scrumdiddlyumptious as Willy Wonka would say and just like a kid in a candy store I wish I could have one of every flavour!The pink and aqua are “frosted”, that is, the backing is coloured but the pile itself is white. I love the soft colour that this head-shot_edited.jpgtechnique results in. I used cream sassy long pile for her head – it’s come out a bit dirty looking in the photos but irl it provided a softer contrast than white. A tiny scrap of vintage lace was used to create her ruff. I had planned on adding beads to her costume, but I rather like the simplicity of her.


I’m thrilled with the roundyness of this bear – her head is quite a bit rounder than my regular bears and her tummy is nicely plump. I stitched the nose with both pink and aqua thread – I need to work on my technique a bit! Overall I’m pretty pleased with her, but I just cannot think of a name.


One Response to “Clowning around”

  1. grace October 16, 2007 at 8:22 am #

    so cute, and i LOVE the panda from the previous post!

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