ahem…I’m back

20 Sep

and terribly embarassed with it. I do not know what has happened to the last three months…suffice it to say they have simply flown by and there has not been a whole lot of bear making going on. I think the winter blues and a nasty dose of the flu got to me a bit not to mention the horror of turning 35 back in August!!

No new bears to show off as yet and my website is still woefully out of datem but I promise to be a good blogger and a good bearmaker too. The show season ended here in mid August and I have totally needed and enjoyed the break. I’ve had a couple of trips around the country for work teaching Web2.0 and RSS stuff which has been fun but exhausting.

My sister Kim visited for an brief 10 days from London at the end of August. It’s been two years since she was last home and it was fantastic to catch up. Kim is an art teacher and I am in awe of her drawing skills. Most of you know that she has done portraits of my bears and we have some exciting new collaborations lined up for next year.

I’ve also (tentatively) decided to go to the UK for a holiday mid next year. I’ve always wanted to go but a librarian’s salary doesn’t exactly pay big $$ and as the Kiwi dollar is so weak against the pound, it makes for a very expensive trip. I need to sell a lot of bears and greeting cards if it’s going to become a reality but I’m determined to get there. So…I think the winter blues are gone and as today was the perfect spring day how can it go anyway but up from here.

I’ve missed the bear world although I’ve been keeping an eye on everyone’s blogs and dropping in on Teddy Talk from time to time.

Anyway…off to sew some bears. Photos soon I promise


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