Back to reality

22 Jun

Wowza, I can’t believe that three weeks of holiday have gone so fast.  Now it’s back down to earth (and an incredibly wintery feeling New Zealand) with a bump.

I had a fantastic break from work and Wellington.  The few days down South with the family before the show were great.  Although I took some last minute sewing to do, I didn’t feel stressed like I would have done if I had stayed at home. 

I left NZ just as the bad weather was arriving and consequently the flight over to Oz was pretty bumpy and longer than it should have been.  People were screaming and using the little white bags quite a lot!  6 years flying in and out of Wellington airport has made me fairly immune to bumpy weather and the weather on the Gold Coast more than made up for the flight.  While all the locals were complaining about the “terrible winter” and rugging up in their winter coats, we were quite happily wandering about in short sleeves.  It averaged about 22 degrees (71F) so pretty much what a decent spring day would be here and much better than the 8-11 degrees it is at home at the moment.

The show started with a drinks evening on the Friday night – we were invited to bring along a couple of our bears and it was nice to have a preview of some artists’ work that I hadn’t seen before.  The show was held in Jupiter’s Casino and we stayed on for dinner on the Friday night.  The next morning we were back at the crack of dawn to set up our stands.  Ahem, this is the point where I confess that I have no photos of my stand or of the show.  How embarrassing!  I will hopefully get some from a friend to share with you.

I had a quick squizz before the show opened.  I quickly visited those artists whose work I most wanted to see.  I spotted the cutest little anime style birdie on Karen Alderson’s table and a bee bear on Debbie Gunnion’s table that is now living with my friend.   I resisted temptation (at that stage anyway!).  I was on a bear buying mission for my friend Alexis who couldn’t make it to the show.  There is an amazing Japanese artist called Reiko Hoshino who makes the most equisite minis.  Put it this way  – my bears look huge and chunky next to hers.  Even though I got to her table an hour before the show opened a lot of her stock had already gone.  I got the last plain mini bear for Alexis and I’ll show his photo to you after she’s seen him.

We were right down the back of the hall so it seemed to take a while for people to reach us once the show opened.  Unfortunately we were surrounded by antique dolls, and bead stands and so didn’t have any other artists to talk to.  My Kiwi friends that I went with were on the opposite side of the hall with all the bear artists.  I think there were probably about 100 tables – lots of bears, several dolls and then a few bead making and craft suppliers. 

I had been very nervous that I wouldn’t sell anything at the show.  There are several well known Aussie miniaturists attending whose work is amazing but to my surprise I sold several bears in the first hour and a half.

Having those Aussie $$ burning a hole in my pocket meant that I had to then sneak out for a quick spot of shopping.  I headed straight back to Karen A’s table to get that birdy but when I got there I spotted the cutest anime style ballerina who priouetted her way into my collection.  Again no photos yet…but she’ll be showing off for you soon.  She has a tiny tutu decorated with Swarovski crystals and more crystals on her floral headband.  I love ballerina bears and this one is a cutie patootie.  I really didn’t want to leave the birdy behind but I wasn’t sure I could justify two additions to my collection so I reluctantly left him sitting on the table.

I was surprised by what sold on my table.  Bungle, the little blue fairy was one of the first to go.  And I could have sold my teacup panda Liu Shu twice over.  Those I expected, however, my favourite mohair bears barely got a look and neither did Peanut my favourite of my minis.  However, I do feel blessed and surprised that I sold so well and it’s quite nice that some of my favourites stayed with me.

The show was two days and on Sunday I sold not a thing so it was a looooong day.  We all know what that means…time to shop!  And yes, I managed to find a few things for my supply cupboard including some lovely silk velvet roses that I have plans for.  

I was beat after the show ended.  We filled up the next couple of days with some clothes shopping and then it was home to a wintery Christchurch for my mum’s 65th birthday and then back to Wellington for work.

Tomorrow, I’m hopefully off to Palmerston North for the day.  About two hours drive north of Wellington, it’s where I spent 3 years of my life studying.  They have their local doll and bear show tomorrow which we tend to go up to for a look.  Although it’s a small show, it’s usually quite well attended.  I’m not organised enough to sell there but it’s a catch up with friends.  Since I spent all my money in Oz it’ll definitely be window shopping!


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