An apple a day

9 May

The colour of Johnny’s fur reminds me of the rich red American apples that we would get in our Christmas stockings as children.  Pre the days of year round cool storage, and with Christmas occurring mid summer here, those Christmas apples were a real treat and my favourite were the Jonathan apples with their rich ruby skin.

Johnny is a brand new design and I’m thrilled with the way he turned out.  Actually I’ve been reluctant to post him for auction so he’s been hanging out with me for a few days.  It’s hard to pinpoint the differences between Johnny and my regular mini patterns.  I guess he’s more “roundy”: a smaller rounder head; a short snub muzzle; round chubby feet; and a little round butt!  Johnny just pips the post at 2 inches standing.

Johnny is created from vintage oyster and ruby red upholstery velvet.  I have a tiny stash of this fabric and while I love the Sassy fabric a lot, there is something so satisfying about the rich sheen of this fabric.  Especially the red.  Unfortunately that rich sheen also makes it so hard to photograph, especially with the dark autumn weather we had today.  I swear that the glow on poor Johnny’s forehead could be seen from Mars!  For some reason it also looks like he has a black eye.  Roll on that new camera!

Johnny will be available on bid4bears from tomorrow.  I’ll post a link then.


One Response to “An apple a day”

  1. Paula May 23, 2007 at 7:38 pm #

    What a gorgeous little fella Melissa! I love the colour … I am so impressed by how tiny you get your bears!

    By the way, did you know there are fun and games in blog land? Me neither until I was ‘tagged’! Remember ‘tag’ from school? Well, ‘you’re it!’ To find out more, please pop over to my blog where all will be revealed!

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