Playing house

24 Apr

Dollhouses rock.  My mum, my sister and I all have a thing for them.  My Dad made one for my sister and one Christmas I got this fantastic Scandinavian set of three rooms; a grocery store, a schoolhouse and a hospital.  They were totally cool 70s Scandinavian style with chunky wooden people wearing pink, yellow and green and all the females wearing headscarves!  When I have my very own sewing room they are so going to be part of my display.

Yesterday I spotted these new creations from Doodlebug, one of THE funkiest scrapbook suppliers.  I am jonesing on them so bad, but alas I know they’ll never make it here and the only places I could find them online wanted to charge $20++ for shipping just one to NZ.  As they come as flat chipboard packs I can see absolutely no justification for that expense.  The theme of the Gold Coast show is North to Alaska and I can so see these on my table decorated with pretty silver and blue snowflake and glitter accents.  Realistically I know that I can’t justify that shipping but oh my do I want them!!

 There are several ideas for decorating them on the Doodlebug website  and my favourite is this Easter one made with the small size house.  I think it’s that cute little birds nest on top that suckers me in.

 The Doodlebug site is all about the eye candy.  Check out the delicious feast on their ideas page.  So so beautiful.

Doodlebug House


2 Responses to “Playing house”

  1. Amelia April 25, 2007 at 7:37 pm #

    Oh my word, MELISSA!! I want to buy a whole BUNCH and make housies for bears!!! I simply love love LOVE the spring one—those colors are so invigorating! We should buy a bulk order of ’em and set up a village!

  2. Aleta April 26, 2007 at 8:13 pm #

    How cool is that?!!! I was able to find a shop that carries these goodies through the Shopfinder button. Yahoo!! My daughter scrapbooks and I dabble in mixed media. Finding new stores to fuel our creativity is awesome. Thank you, Melissa!!

    Biggest bear hugs, Aleta

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