Motivation where art thou?

28 Mar

My motivation seems to have packed up and left town this week.  Work is crazy busy, I’m super tired and the effort of picking up that bear in progress that’s aaaaaalll the way on the other side of the couch seems too much…consequently that pile of unfinished bears in the photograph from Sunday, is still in pretty much the same state.

Not good, especially as we leave for the Aussie show 9 weeks today (aaaarrrgggh)  and the bid4bears artist campaign is just a couple of days away.   When I’m feeling like this, I like to switch off from the bear world all together.  Looking at the fab work that others are producing, which normally inspires me, serves only to remind me of just how much I have to do in so little time. 

So, for the last couple of days, I’ve been spending some time over on the Splitcoast Stampers website.  There are some incredibly talented people over there and I’m looking forward to trying out some new techniques….after Australia of course.

My other favourite thing to do is look through my collection of picture books.  I don’t know why it is, but they can bring me back into a ‘work’ mode of mind far quicker than browsing through a bear magazine.  So…lets hope that tonight I can get lots done and I should have some sneak previews of my bid4bears pieces to show you at the weekend.


One Response to “Motivation where art thou?”

  1. Shel April 5, 2007 at 8:17 pm #

    I go to Barnes & Noble (our local bookstore) when motivation lags, and find that perusing any kind of art or craft stuff gets me inspired to try out new looks, proportions, colors, mediums, etc. It’s important to get AWAY from those cute bears sometimes, to do our best work. I understand completely! Good luck getting your groove back, girlfriend; I’m sure it won’t be long.

    Thanks Shelli
    To my eternal frustration, New Zealand bookshops often have pitiful craft sections. We did just get a Borders though, but I’m reluctant to step foot in there…I know I’ll spend money! 4 days off over Easter is great for creativity. I have finished 3 bears so far, one of whom has been waiting for his ears since January

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