What goes around….

25 Mar

A large part of my professional life (yes, I do have a life outside bears) is spent thinking about and utilising web 2.o technologies. Not that I have my head around what exactly it all means by any stretch of the imagination but I love the whole interconnectedness and shared experiences of sites like flickr, youtube, librarything and etsy.

And in a funny way, the whole web2.0 ‘end-user’ way of thinking has somehow become incorporated into my artistic endeavours as well.

Back in 2005, I created a bear called Wish and took him to the Melbourne Teddy Event show in May. To my absolute amazement, one of Australia’s most well-known and internationally recognised artists, bought him for her collection. WOWZA! I was walking on air all day for weeks! Now I only have one grainy photo of Wish but at the time he represented a bit of a change in my bearmaking style. He was amongst the first of my big feet, chubby tummy bears and I still have a soft spot for him.


Flash forward to 2007 and my talented artist sister Kim, creates some ACEOs featuring her interpretations of my bears. I find it so interesting to see how she interprets my creations. She’ll change colours, introduce new elements to the pictures, but underneath it all – they’re still my bears. I still haven’t seen these pieces in person yet, as she lives in the UK but I will be getting some to take to the Gold Coast show in June.


Kim is selling her artwork on etsy (my favourite place to shop) and another Etsy artist paperzombie has bought some of Kim’s artwork and turned it into badges and pocket mirrors. I so have to get me a Wish pocket mirror!

Wish mirror by paperzombie

So, what started as a mohair bear created by myself in 2005, has now been re-interpreted by two more artists and could be buried in the bottom of someone’s handbag out there. Crazy! I love how a simple website such as etsy enables artists who’ll never probably meet to work together. So cool. Wonder what’s next??


One Response to “What goes around….”

  1. nimbleknot March 27, 2007 at 12:35 am #

    I love the design! The buttons are adorable. Great idea!

    Aren’t they cute? I still have to get myself one…or two ; )

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