So here goes…

25 Mar

Gulp! Despite all my thinking, pondering and playing with web2.0 technologies both here and at work over the last year or so, I’ve been constantly putting off taking the plunge and starting the Honeythorpe Blog. Funnily enough, I’d decided on Friday that this weekend I should seriously start doing something about it and lo and behold I woke up on Saturday morning to a whole discussion on the joys of blogging and rss on the Teddy Talk board. After my lengthy rambling post on the joys of web2.0, I of course got the inevitable “So where’s your blog question” (thanks Heather!) that has given me the much needed kick in the posterior to get started.

Oh, and in that same rambling post making a comment about “those” artists who never update their websites and so you stop visiting them. Ummmm….pot seriously calling the kettle black here! So, welcome to the Honeythorpe Blog. Quite what it shall be, I don’t yet know, but I hope to share some of my new creations and works in progress with you in the next few days so that you know I haven’t dropped off the face of the earth. Be prepared for some vague ramblings and rantings as the deadline for the Gold Coast International Teddy, Doll and Bear show looms ever closer.

To that end….here’s what it’s looking like at my house this weekend. A big pile of bear limbs and heads. Not a pretty sight. The lingering remains of an overnight migraine means no bearmaking for the moment….but I’m looking forward to finishing these guys over the week.

Bears yet to be!


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